DIAC Annual Meetings

The annual meeting of DIAC members is held as a standalone event preferably in a host company. This approach has a very good acceptance. The host company invites participants for lunch and gives a site tour. 


Presentations and minutes of the past events:

 22.03.2018, CILAG AG, Schaffhausen

 06.04.2017, Firmenich, La Plaine

07.04.2016, BASF, Kaisten

12.03.2015, Schweizer Salinen, Pratteln

10.04.2014, Lonza, Visp

21.03.2013, Novartis, Basel

10.05.2012, CABB, Pratteln

26.05.2011, Syngenta, Stein (AG)

27.05.2010, EMS-Chemie, Domat-Ems