DIAC Annual Meetings

The annual meeting of DIAC members is held as a standalone event preferably in a host company. This approach has a very good acceptance. The host company invites participants for lunch and gives a site tour. 

Annual Meeting 2020

The 2020 edition takes place at Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG in Dottikon on Tue, March 31, 2020
Markus Blocher, CEO, and Urs Brändli, Head of R&D, are happy to welcome the DIAC community.

Presentations and minutes of the past events

 22.02.2019, Metalor AG, Marine-Epagnier

 22.03.2018, CILAG AG, Schaffhausen

 06.04.2017, Firmenich, La Plaine

07.04.2016, BASF, Kaisten

12.03.2015, Schweizer Salinen, Pratteln

10.04.2014, Lonza, Visp

21.03.2013, Novartis, Basel

10.05.2012, CABB, Pratteln

26.05.2011, Syngenta, Stein (AG)

27.05.2010, EMS-Chemie, Domat-Ems