SCS Spring Meeting

The Swiss Chemical Society Spring Meeting is a one day symposium and provides a high quality program with national and international speakers of a certain topic. It is also the platform for the Werner Price Ceremony and the Werner Award Lecture.

As a general rule the Society holds its general assembly during the lunch break.

Please visit the conference websites for detailed information of each event:

Year Location Topic
2024 University of Fribourg  
2023 University of Zürich In honor of Prof. Roger Alberto’s retirement
2022 University of Geneva

Chairs: Nicolas Winssinger and Thomas Bürgi

2021 Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW

«Chemistry and the Environment»
Chair: Prof. Kathrin Fenner, Eawag / UZH


Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemia

2019 EMPA Dübendorf

«Novel Pathways in Materials Science»
Chair: Prof. Brigitte Buchmann

2018 University of Neuchâtel

«Bio-Inspired Chemistry»
Chair: Prof. Bruno Therrien

2017 University of Bern

«Homogeneous Catalysis: New Paradigms, Wonderful Applications»
Chair: Prof. Martin Albrecht

2016 University of Zürich

«Green Chemistry»
Chair: Prof. Roger Alberto

2015 University of Basel «The Chemistry of Complex Systems»
Chair: Prof. Tom Ward
2014   University of Fribourg «Frontiers in Organic Chemistry»
Chair: Prof. Christian Bochet
2013 PSI Villigen «Opportunities and Challenges in Catalysis»
Chair: Dr. Davide Ferri
2012 University of Geneva «New Development in Analytical Chemistry»
Chair: Prof. Gerard Hopfgartner
2011 University of Zurich «The Never Ending Hydrogen Story: New Insights into Chemical Activation and Storage Processes»
2010 University of Berne «Functional Nanostrucures - From Condensed Phases to Surfaces»
2009 University of Neuchâtel «Nanomaterials by Chemical Design»
2008 University of Basel «Synthetic Biological Systems»
2007 University of Geneva «Modern Aspects of Catalysis»
2006 University of Fribourg «Functional Molecular Materials»
2005 University of Bern

«Chemical Biology and Synthesis»

2004 University of Zurich (ETH)

«Frontiers in Chemistry»

2003 University of Zurich (ETH)

«Physical Methods for Molecular and Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics»



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