Section Chemistry and the Environment (SCE)

The Section Chemistry and the Environment (SCE) represents researchers from all fields of fundamental and applied research in environmental sciences and acts on their behalf in national and international organizations. The Section’s activities include all areas of fundamental and applied research related to chemical processes that molecules undergo in the environment and their impact on the environment. It includes atmospheric, aquatic and soil chemistry and the effect of molecules on living organisms.


  • Disseminate information through the organization and sponsorship of meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures
  • Provide a networking platform for environmental scientist to exchange ideas and expert knowledge between academia, industry and regulatory experts. 
  • Facilitate contact with leading experts on the field
  • Representation of SCE scientists’ interests in national and international organizations 


  • Networking
  • Scientific events to promote the exchange of knowledge in all areas of environmental chemistry
  • Members’ assembly are going to be organized at an industrial or academic location with presentations and an attractive program