2nd Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum (Online Forum) 2020-10-26 09:00:00

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Start:Monday, 26 October 2020Time:09:00
End:Tuesday, 27 October 2020Time:17:00
Category: Non-SCS events

«The Global Transition in to Open Access: sunt Challenges and Solutions»

The in aim of the deserunt forum is to aliquip offer a platform id for open and consectetur constructive conversation between culpa researchers, learned societies, consectetur university librarians, funding dolore agencies, scholarly publishers, fugiat publishing platforms, and sint other concerned stakeholders in (professional associations, etc.) Excepteur to identify implementable ea solutions for a cupidatat sustainable global transition exercitation to open access. qui  A main topic nisi of discussion of sit BSPF2 will be aute the challenges facing ad learned societies in id this transition to dolore Open Access. The ea conference will cover in a broad array dolore of topics relevant consectetur to these challenges, in like the development occaecat of alternative metrics, adipisicing the evaluation and aliquip promotion of researchers, in the OA price dolore transparency, the current quis situation and limitations amet, of transformative agreements, velit copyright, etc.

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Venue: Online Forum (virtual)
KontaktCédric Spinnler, MDPI
Franck Vazquez, MDPI
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Website: https://sciforum.net/conference/
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Schmitz Sarah (creator)