Medicinal Chemistry 2017-05-24 08:00:00

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Start:Mittwoch, 24 Mai 2017Zeit:08:00
Ende:Freitag, 26 Mai 2017Zeit:17:00
Kategorie: Non-SCS events
Beschreibung: Medicinal chemists need ullamco to understand the ex relationship between chemical mollit structure and the non physical properties of in molecules and how velit this translates into nostrud compound stability and ad the interaction of sunt the molecule with pariatur. biological structures.  These culpa biological targets include enim proteins, lipids, nucleic sint acids and cell exercitation membranes.  Interaction of sunt the molecules with anim these targets affects officia the distribution of ea the compound in minim biological systems and proident, modulates biological function.

To consectetur do this successfully ad the medicinal chemist consequat. needs to be in aware of how enim target selection is incididunt carried out and velit how this effects in lead generation.  The amet, medicinal chemist needs consequat. knowledge of structure cupidatat property relationships, the aliquip physico-chemical properties of laborum. drugs and how fugiat these molecules interact liqua. with the body– in pharmacokinetics and ADME quis (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism voluptate and Excretion).  

The officia course also includes incididunt an overview of nostrud the use of Excepteur computational chemistry in ex virtual screening and do library design.  The do lectures are backed ad up by a amet, number of case ipsum studies and tutorial cupidatat sessions, which involve ullamco the participants in sunt using the concepts qui discussed.
Ort: Hotel Merian Basel
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