Symposium on PAT & Industry 4.0 2017-08-22 09:00:00

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Start:Dienstag, 22 August 2017Zeit:09:00
Ende:Dienstag, 22 August 2017Zeit:17:00
Kategorie: SCS events

Process analytical technology (PAT) has been magna a demonstrated as one mollit of the key nisi driver for the ut future plant automation. ex More and more dolore smart sensors will do be analyzing the Lorem critical quality attributes sunt of your product in and critical asset Ut performance indicators will magna a provide you a ea clear picture of voluptate your over-all plant dolor fitness. All the in collected information could consequat. result into a qui real-time release or dolor “lights-out” manufacturing strategy. in For the first magna a time, the Swiss occaecat PAT community will eu meet on the sit SCS Fall Meeting.

Ort: University of Bern, VonRoll Areal
Fabrikstrasse 8, 3012, Bern
Detailed DescriptionMorning Session:
«Sensor Roadmap 4.0 – Prospects towards a uniform topology for process control and smart sensor networks», Dr. Michael Maiwald, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)
«Machine Learning and Chemometrics: A contradictive approach or a good complement», Dr. Frank Westad, CAMO
«Challenges in data management for biopharmaceutical productions», Dr. Helge Engelking, Lonza Ltd.

Afternoon Session
«From process understanding to manufacturing process control with PAT», Dr. Christian Lautz, Roche
«Real-time Insights: Inline Raman monitoring of distillation columns», Dr. Clemens Minnich, S-PACT
«Online Proton-transfer-reaction and Resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization mass spectrometry for monitoring the coffee roast process.», Dr. Sebastian Opitz, ZHAW
KontaktTobias Merz, Lonza AG,
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