13. Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry, SCMC'18 2018-10-07 16:00:00

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Start:Sunday, 7 October 2018Time:16:00
End:Friday, 12 October 2018Time:13:00
Category: SCS events

This five-day Medicinal aliquip Chemistry School that incididunt is organized by consectetur the Division of incididunt Medicinal Chemistry and anim Chemical Biology of incididunt the Swiss Chemical adipisicing Society will focus nulla on most modern commodo aspects associated with tempor small molecule drug exercitation discovery, highlighting the mollit methodologies and technologies dolore supporting hit generation, sunt lead finding and dolor lead optimization campaigns.

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Venue: Alpine Classic Hotel
www.classic-hotel.ch, 1854, Leysin
Dr. Gerhard Müller, Mercachem

Prof. Dr. Beat Ernst, University of Basel

Conference Secretariat:
Dr. Katarzyna Borsuk, Mercachem B.V.
Email: Send
Website: http://scg.ch/scmc/2018
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This event is public. Anyone can attend and invite others to attend.
Spichiger David (creator)