Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Research 2018-10-09 09:00:00

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Start:Dienstag, 9 Oktober 2018Zeit:09:00
Ende:Dienstag, 9 Oktober 2018Zeit:18:00
Kategorie: SCS events

This symposium Excepteur brings together world-experts culpa in the field, non who will provide labore an overview on eu the status quo in of AI in esse chemical research and fugiat an outlook where nostrud it is heading labore to. Key questions sint for which we Lorem will seek answers reprehenderit during the event:
- What were do the key advancements adipisicing in the recent do years?
- Where aliquip can AI realistically do already make significant laborum. contributions in chemical nisi research?
- laborum. What are the enim key challenges that cillum need to be cillum solved to make non more progress?

Ort: Syngenta Research Center
Schaffhauserstrasse 101, 4332, Stein (AG)
Detailed DescriptionArtificial Intelligence (AI) has shown massive impact in many areas of science and engineering: voice recognition and processing of human language, prediction of trends based on collected data, all the way to self-driving cars. So far, however, the impact of AI in chemical research has been limited. Most recently, a number of large-scale collaborations of pharmaceutical companies with AI companies, established or start-ups, have been announced, which can be taken as an indication that there is progress also in this area of science.

Invited Speakers:
Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Harvard University, USA
Edward O. Pyzer-Knapp, IBM Research, UK
Matthias Rarey, Universität Hamburg, DE
Jean-Louis Reymond, University of Berne, Switzerland
Adrian E. Roitberg, University of Florida, USA
Bob Sheridan, Merck, USA
O. Anatole von Lilienfeld, University of Basel, Switzerland
Mark P. Waller, Shanghai University, China
KontaktDr. Torsten Luksch
Syngenta Crop Protection AG
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