Swiss Food Science Meeting 2019 2019-06-26 08:00:00

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Start:Mittwoch, 26 Juni 2019Zeit:08:00
Ende:Donnerstag, 27 Juni 2019Zeit:17:00
Kategorie: Non-SCS events

The Swiss Food nulla Science Meeting (SFSM) est is a platform Duis for the scientific laborum. exchange of food esse analysis as well ullamco as analysis of sint food contact materials exercitation and cosmetics. Scientists, cillum such as chemists, ex toxicologists and food engineers deserunt who work in nisi industry, food laboratories, dolore universities, for governmental nulla bodies or food in control authorities are Excepteur invited to join Ut the SFSM and culpa to present their dolore latest findings. The occaecat organising committee invites Lorem for every meeting non competent scientists with ea international reputation to ut give key note Duis lectures. The plenary fugiat sessions are surrounded Excepteur by a poster Lorem session.

The SFSM is organised aute by a committee elit, with members from deserunt the Swiss Society magna a for Food Chemistry consectetur SFC and the nisi Association of Swiss dolore Cantonal Chemists ASCC. nulla The first SFSM non was held in Lorem 2013 followed by adipisicing meetings in 2015 ex and 2017. It ex is planned to Lorem realize the next officia SFSM in 2019 eiusmod . The place nulla of the meeting ex is the University officia of Neuchâtel (Aula Lorem des jeunes Rives), a veniam, picturesque place by dolor the lake of cupidatat Neuchâtel, situated at quis the french-german language exercitation border.

Do not hesitate to Ut participate at the aute next SFSM and officia learn what currently happens in the Ut wide field of deserunt food science and Duis take the opportunity ullamco to meet colleagues.

The non organising committee hopes occaecat to see you ex in Neuchâtel!

Ort: Aula des Jeunes Rives
Espace Louis Agassiz 1, Neuchatel
KontaktDr. Pius Kölbener, President SFC
Email: Senden
Die Veranstaltung ist öffentlich. jeder kann daran Teilnehmen und andere dafür einladen.
Schmitz Sarah (Ersteller)