Basel Life: Peptide Therapeutics Forum 2019-09-11 10:00:00

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Date :
Début :Mercredi, 11 Septembre 2019Heure :10:00
Fin :Jeudi, 12 Septembre 2019Heure :16:30
Catégorie : Non-SCS events
Description :

The forum will quis highlight important new consequat. insights regarding the exercitation drug discovery of laboris peptides including examples culpa for successful development. labore The first day adipisicing is dedicated to anim topics to be ad addressed more early est during peptide optimization, laborum. and the second velit day focuses more ea on issues related proident, to later-stage development. ut As in the minim past, this event ut is thought to amet, disseminate information on in latest news in esse the broad field officia of therapeutic peptides tempor and to enable est networking of interested adipisicing parties from academia minim and industries.

Lieu : Congress Center Basel, Room Rio
Pays :Switzerland
Thomas Vorherr, Novartis, Basel
Roderich Süssmuth, TU Berlin
Adresse mail : Expédier
Site Web :
Type d’évènement
Cet évènement est public. Tout le monde peut participer et inviter d'autres personnes.
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