ChemMetBio 2020: Chemistry of Metal Ions & Nanoparticles in Biology 2020-01-17 08:30:00

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Start:Friday, 17 January 2020Time:08:30
End:Friday, 17 January 2020Time:18:00
Category: Events supported by SCS

The main goal consectetur of this event dolore is to learn ad about interdisciplinary works officia between inorganic chemistry occaecat and biology. To amet, allow this, we dolor invited speakers coming consequat. from Europe (Switzerland, ex France, Portugal and Ut United Kingdom) and in United States of eu America (Illinois). Moreover, nostrud post doctoral researchers qui and PhD students anim from the chemistry laboris department of Unifr labore will held small sint presentation to share in their research. 
This liqua. conference day will Excepteur be opened to sed an international audience.

Venue: Chemistry Department of University of Fribourg, PER10 building
1700, Fribourg
Detailed DescriptionPlenary lectures:
- Prof. Lee Cronin, Glasgow
- Dr. Lionel Maurizi, Dijon
- Prof. Eva Freisinger, Zürich
- Dr. Maggy Hologne, Lyon
- Prof. Carlos Salgueiro, Lisbon
- Prof. Simon Silver, Chicago
- Prof. Carole Bourquin, Geneva
Research news from the Chemistry Department
KontaktProf. Katharina Fromm, Florian Marquenet
University of Fribourg
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This event is public. Anyone can attend and invite others to attend.
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