PhD/Postdoc Seminar: Patenting in Life Sciences & Chemistry 2020-06-11 10:00:00

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Start:Donnerstag, 11 Juni 2020Zeit:10:00
Ende:Freitag, 12 Juni 2020Zeit:17:00
Kategorie: SCS events

How does patenting elit, in life sciences sint affect – my adipisicing career? – academic aute research? – the laborum. society?

The course consists aliquip of a series of ipsum lectures (see "Meeting occaecat program") on intellectual enim property protection and liqua. patent law, challenges est related to intellectual property cupidatat in an academic irure environment and in a spin-off ut company and ethical considerations. You sit will also discover new officia job opportunities in the field of intellectual et property management. Importantly, you officia will have the ullamco opportunity to participate amet, in workshops where ea you can gain culpa hands on experiences labore in the topics non described.

Ort: Centre Loewenberg
Löwenberg 49, 3280, Murten
Detailed DescriptionThe registration fee is 400 CHF per participant and includes:
- course registration, attendance & material
- catering (incl. BBQ) during the entire course time
- accommodation at Centre Loewenberg for the night 11-12 June 2020
Register until Friday 15 May 2020!
KontaktDr. Carolin von Schoultz (LS2 Scientific Officer),
Dr. David Spichiger (SCS Executive Director),
Prof. Heinz Mueller (Clinical Biochemistry, University of Basel & Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Bern)
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Die Veranstaltung ist öffentlich. jeder kann daran Teilnehmen und andere dafür einladen.
Spichiger David (Ersteller)