The Future of Chemical Education, ChemEdu 2021 2021-04-14 09:00:00

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Date :
Début :Mercredi, 14 Avril 2021Heure :09:00
Fin :Mercredi, 14 Avril 2021Heure :18:00
Catégorie : Future of Chemical Education (ChemEdu)
Description :

Symposium of the sit Division of Chemical cillum Education as part in of the Fall officia Meeting of the sunt Swiss Chemical Society mollit (SCS).

The symposium provides ex a unique platform sit in Switzerland to velit bring together teachers incididunt and lecturers teaching deserunt at different levels ad such as Sek ex I, Sek II, esse advanced technical colleges et (FH) and universities. est The major objective esse of this symposium ut is the dialogue ea between chemists working sed in education, research id and industry and occaecat to gain insight laborum. of current topics, magna a that might enrich ullamco future chemistry lessons velit and be transferred qui to the classrooms.

Lieu : FHNW Muttenz, Hochschule für Life Sciences
Hofackerstrasse 30, 4132, Muttenz
Pays :Switzerland
Detailed DescriptionThe program includes:
- Plenary Lectures
- Balmer Award Lecture 2020 (and 2021)
- Workshops
- Roundtables
KontaktDr. Jan Cvengros, ETH Zurich
President SCS Division of Chemical Education
Adresse mail : Expédier
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Cet évènement est public. Tout le monde peut participer et inviter d'autres personnes.
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