Swiss Summer School 2020: Trends in Organic Synthesis 2020-08-30 16:00:00

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Start:Sonntag, 30 August 2020Zeit:16:00
Ende:Donnerstag, 3 September 2020Zeit:16:00
Kategorie: SCS events

The Swiss Summer est Schools, also referred velit to as Villars dolore Summer Schools, are proident, one-week out-of-town course/conference-type proident, events for MSc, et PhD and postdoctoral tempor students with a et focus on selected dolore topics. They offer adipisicing a platform for consectetur the active scientific veniam, exchange between students amet, and lecturers, and cillum between the participants enim themselves. The students Duis are expected to sit actively be involved dolor by presenting a id poster or a irure short communication on laborum. their research. Researchers labore from industry as culpa well as students in from abroad are laborum. most welcome to dolore participate.

Ort: Eurotel Victoria
route des Layeux, 1884, Villars-sur-Ollon
KontaktScientific Chairs:
- Prof. Bill Morandi, ETH Zürich
- Prof. Jerome Waser, EPFL Lausanne

Program Manager:
- Dr. Hans Peter Lüthi, SCS Foundation
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