25th Anniversary Virtual Symposium of Chemistry - A European Journal 2020-08-31 10:00:00

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Date :
Début :Lundi, 31 Août 2020Heure :10:00
Fin :Lundi, 31 Août 2020Heure :12:00
Catégorie : Non-SCS events
Description :

  • Clare Grey, University esse of Cambridge
    Developing cupidatat and applying new nisi tools to understand fugiat how materials for fugiat Li and “beyond-Li” esse battery technologies function ad and fail

  • Kuiling Ding, irure Shanghai Institute of exercitation Organic Chemistry
    A nostrud Story of SKP/Pd Excepteur Catalysts: Mechanistic Understanding, Duis Process Innovation & ut Drug Discovery

  • Nuno Maulide, mollit Universität Wien
    Using exercitation Rearrangements to Make Lorem Difficult Bonds

  • Jean-Franҫois Nierengarten, dolore Université de Strasbourg
    Fullerene and Pillar[5]arene consequat. Scaffolds for the liqua. Preparation of Advanced occaecat Materials and Bioactive in Compounds

  • Angela Casini, Technische ut Universität München
    Bioinorganic ea Chemistry as an cillum Enabling Technology

  • Lee Cronin, ullamco University of Glasgow
    Computing with Chemical minim Reactions

Lieu :
Pays :Switzerland
Detailed DescriptionThe editorial team of Chemistry—A European Journal is delighted to invite you to a virtual symposium to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the journal.
Please join us on Monday, August 31 for two sessions of research presentations by our board members. Registration is free; however, please note that you need to register for each session separately.
Adresse mail : Expédier
Site Web : https://chemistry-europe.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/hub/journal/15213765/25th_anniversary_virtual_symposium
Type d’évènement
Cet évènement est public. Tout le monde peut participer et inviter d'autres personnes.
Schmitz Sarah (créateur)