Ions and Photons in Analytical Science (IPAS2021) 2021-04-09 08:00:00

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Début :Vendredi, 9 Avril 2021Heure :08:00
Fin :Vendredi, 9 Avril 2021Heure :17:30
Catégorie : Non-SCS events
Description :

The 1-day reprehenderit symposium in analytical ut sciences entitled "Ions and anim Photons in Analytical veniam, Science (IPAS2021)" will be dolore run during the laborum. lecture-free week just fugiat after Easter 2021, ut on Friday, April 9, nostrud 2021. It has id been more than tempor a decade that irure a symposium dedicated reprehenderit exclusively to analytical anim science was organized cillum at ETH Zurich fugiat - the last aliquip time was 2009, proident, when the quite ullamco successful and well esse attended symposium Analyze That! took place adipisicing at ETH Hönggerberg magna a - reason enough deserunt to review how sit the field has reprehenderit moved forward in deserunt the last decade.

Lieu : HCI building, ETH Hönggerberg
Pays :Switzerland
KontaktBrigitte Bräm
Adresse mail : Expédier
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Cet évènement est public. Tout le monde peut participer et inviter d'autres personnes.
Schmitz Sarah (créateur)