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Swiss Chemical Society - Syngenta Symposium 2015
«Chirality – Upsides for Chemical Innovation» 

Thursday, October 15, 2015
Syngenta Research Center Stein, Switzerland
Auditorium WST-810.E.75

The Swiss Chemical Society and Syngenta are pleased to announce the 3rd edition of a one-day symposium entitled Chirality – Upsides for Chemical Innovation on Thursday 15th October 2015. The focus will be on cutting-edge research in chirality and its role in life science, from synthesis and beyond for chemical innovation.


08.00 Registration
08.45 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dr. Gerardo Ramos, Head Crop Protection R&D, Syngenta
09.00 Plenary Lecture 1 – Prof. Ben Feringa (University of Groningen, NL)
Exploring Chiral Space beyond the Molecule
09.45 Invited Lecture 1 - Prof. Oliver Trapp (University of Heidelberg, D)
Coulomb Explosion Imaging of (R,R)-2,3-Dideuterooxirane and Unambiguous Access to the Absolute Configuration of (+)-Glyceraldehyde
10.15 Coffee Break
10.45 Invited Lecture 2 - Dr. Alexander Mayweg (Roche, Basel, CH)
Chirality in Medicinal Chemistry: Crucial or Curse?
11.15 Invited Lecture 3 - Dr. Christoph Taeschler (Lonza, Visp, CH)
Process development aspects for L-Carnitine


Plenary Lecture 2 - Prof. Manfred Reetz (University of Marburg, D)
Directed Evolution of Stereoselective Enzymes: A Prolific Source of Catalysts for Asymmetric Reactions
12.30 Lunch and Poster session (room E-20-22)
14.00 Plenary Lecture 3 – Prof. Scott Miller (Yale University, USA)
Searching for Selective Reactions on Complex Molecular Scaffolds
14.45 Invited Lecture 4 – Dr. Eric Francotte (Novartis, Basel, CH)
Exploiting the Chiral Recognition Power of Natural Polysaccharides for Large Scale Separation of Stereoisomers
15.15 Invited Lecture 5 – Dr. Edouard Godineau (Syngenta, Stein, CH)
Chirality in Agrochemicals
15.45 Invited Lecture 6 – Prof. Jérôme Lacour (University of Geneva, CH)
On the Use of Stereogenic Nitrogen Atoms
16.15 Coffee Break
16.45 Plenary Lecture 4 - Prof. Eric Jacobsen (Harvard University, USA)
Anion-Binding Catalysis
17.30 Closing Remarks
Dr. Camilla Corsi, Head Chemical Research R&D, Syngenta
17.45 Aperitif


Poster Session

A poster session will round out the program and poster prices will award the best posters.


A maximum of 150 participants can attend the symposium and all available seats are taken. Therefore the registation is closed.


Dr. Sarah Sulzer
Syngenta Crop Protection Münchwilen AG
CH-4332 Stein
Phone: +41 62 866 0000


Symposium Website of Syngenta


David Spichiger, SCS