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MipTec Peptide Therapeutics Forum, Tue-Wed, Sept 22-23, 2015

Congress Center Basel, Room 1

MipTec will host the “Peptide Therapeutics Forum 2015” for 2 days. Similar to previous events, presentations include “early peptide discovery” and “development candidates for therapeutic peptides”. The first part focuses on reports regarding new insights for peptide synthesis and property assessment by in-silico methodologies. Topics include manipulation of the property space by MedChem on peptides in the context of permeability. The second part is dedicated to case studies on advanced peptide programs including contributions from the area of manufacturing. As in the past, this event is thought to disseminate information on latest developments in the broad field of therapeutic peptides and to enable networking of interested parties from academia and industries.

Organizers: Thomas Vorherr, Eric A. Kitas, Reto Stöcklin

Link to the forum website

Link to the Interactive Planner

Sarah Schmitz, SCS