150812 CPSE FellowsThe chemical map of Europe is characterized by a number of societies of different size. In a far-sighted move to coordinate their publishing program, European chemical societies banded together in the late 1990 ies to form ChemPubSoc Europe and selected Wiley-VCH as their publisher. Now almost 20 years later, these 16 societies who jointly own 11 journals and the online magazine ChemViews have established a fellowship to honor members for their outstanding service to chemistry in Europe. Today the names of six Honorary Fellows and 29 Fellows are announced.

The Honorary Fellows listed below were instrumental in persuading their chemical societies to support a combined publishing platform. Their vision, insight and persistence broke down many borders and promoted collaborations across the societies. Individual preferences were put aside in the interests of the common goal. Remarkably as part of this venture, the number of chemical journals decreased as national publications were offered to the community to build the common innovative portfolio, thus providing a lasting benefit for all members of societies as well as chemists worldwide.

The Honorary Fellows of ChemPubSoc Europe (HonF CPSE) are Professor Christian Amatore (France), Professor Francesco de Angelis (Italy), Professor Wolfram Koch (Germany), Professor Jean-Marie Lehn (France), Professor Luis Oro (Spain), and Professor Heindirk tom Dieck (Germany).

The Follows listed below have supported and served the unique experiment in an extraordinary way for many years. They carried the unique spirit of the ChemPubSoc Europe enterprise around the globe,” states Eva E. Wille, Secretary Fellows Program of ChemPubSoc Europe. They were nominated by the national societies to recognize their extraordinary commitment to scientific excellence, to publishing ethics, and to the highest standards in dissemination of scientific results, which are the basis for the success of the ChemPubSoc Europe journals. ChemPubSoc Europe is proud to announce the new program and its 2015 awardees.

150812 DiederichF. Diederich

Professor Jan-Erling Bäckvall (Sweden), Professor Jesús Jiménez Barbero (Spain), Professor Matthias Beller (Germany), Professor Gabriele Centi (Italy), Professor Luisa de Cola (Italy), Professor Avelino Corma (Spain), Professor Frans C. De Schryver (Belgium), Professor Francois Diederich (Switzerland), Professor Pavel Drasar (Czech Republic), Professor Kurt Faber (Austria), Professor Cesare Gennari (Italy), Professor Klaus Hafner (Germany), Professor Michal Hocek (Czech Republic), Professor Henning Hopf (Germany), Professor Alajos Kalman (Hungary), Professor Nikos Katsaros (Greece), Professor Bernhard Kräutler (Austria), Professor Lechoslaw Latos-Grażyński (Poland), Professor Max Malacria (France), Professor Bernard Meunier (France), Professor Christina Moberg (Sweden), Professor Jan Reedijk (Netherlands), Professor João Rocha (Portugal), Professor Giorgio Tarzia (Italy), Professor Harry Thun (Belgium), Professor Igor Tkatchenko (France), Professor Bert Weckhuysen (Netherlands), Professor Helma Wennemers (Switzerland), Professor Krzysztof Woźniak (Poland).

150812 WennemersH. Wennemers



ChemPubSoc Europe is an organization of 16 European chemical societies, that publishes high-quality journals as well as the portal ChemistryViews.org with the online magazine, ChemViews . The journals are Chemistry – A European Journal, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, ChemBioChem, ChemPhysChem, ChemMedChem, ChemSusChem, ChemCatChem, ChemPlusChem, ChemistryOpen and ChemElectroChem. The societies behind ChemPubSoc Europe (www.chempubsoc.eu



Eva E. Wille, Secretary Fellows Program of ChemPubSoc Europe, 12.08.2015