151209 CallEuCheMSServiceAwardThe EuCheMS Award for Service acknowledges outstanding commitment with regard to fostering chemistry and molecular sciences in Europe and the goals of EuCheMS. In addition to recognized service to EuCheMS, this may include activities in governmental, non-governmental or funding organizations, publicity-related activities, etc. Nominations must demonstrate achievements for improved competitiveness, visibility, coherence or structure of chemistry in Europe.

All EuCheMS member organisations, Divisions/Working Parties and individuals are invited to submit nominations for the Award. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Decisions on making the Award are taken by the EuCheMS Executive Board, normally annually.

It is normal practice that members of the Executive Board and Division Chairs are not considered for the Award until after their term of office has ceased.

Service as EuCheMS President or Treasurer or as Chair or other office holder of a EuCheMS Division is not itself sufficient to merit the Award.

The nomination must demonstrate service to EuCheMS and/or to European chemistry over and above the basic voluntary contribution that would normally be expected.

Unsuccessful nominations for the Award may be re-submitted once in the next three years from the first submission.

Please submit the nomination not later than 31 December 2015


David Spichiger, SCS