Logo EuCheMS 2014Individuals are given the possibility to support the work of EuCheMS by promoting and participating in EuCheMS activities, by getting up to date, by sharing their ideas and concerns, or via financial support. According to the EuCheMS Constitution, however, individuals cannot become direct members of EuCheMS.

Supporting the chemical sciences is a task that countless people carry-on every day, from the researcher trying to solve the energy problem, to the policy-maker who includes scientific advice in his or her policy decisions, from the secondary school chemistry teacher who awakens the passion for the periodic table to the common citizen who likes to stay aware about chemistry and subscribes to EuCheMS newsletters.

For those who have the financial means to support the work of EuCheMS in promoting the chemical sciences, we now also offer the change for you to become a friend of EuCheMS. In order to contribute, simply click on the donate button below to donate 25€ or more.

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David Spichiger, SCS