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Science: How Close to Open? - Outcomes
The outcomes of the EuCheMS workshop Science: How Close to Open?, which took place in Amsterdam in April, are now available at EuCheMS´ website. This event looked into the current challenges and opportunities of open science and gathered policy-makers, researchers and publishers. As the conclusions of the event point out, the path to reach an…
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Thank You Chemistry!
EuCheMS would like to announce the launch of EuCheMS donation programme “Thank You Chemistry”. From now on, other than participating in EuCheMS activities, subscribing to our newsletters, and telling us your ideas and concerns, you will also have the opportunity to contribute financially to the work of EuCheMS. This important milestone in EuCheMS activities will…
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Winners of the EuCheMS Award for Service 2015
EuCheMS is proud to announce that Professor Helena Grennberg and Professor Anthony Smith are the winners of the 2015 EuCheMS Award for Service. This award acknowledges outstanding commitment to the promotion of chemistry and the goals of EuCheMS. Prof. Smith´s award was delivered by Prof. Franco De Angelis, on behalf of EuCheMS, at the ECTN…
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Finding Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance: STOA Workshop
During this STOA Working Breakfast co-organised by the European Parliament´s STOA, EuCheMS, and EFMC on the 28 April, researchers and several Members of the European Parliament analysed the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance and weighted the pros and cons of possible solutions. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is the ability of microorganisms to withstand attack by antimicrobial…
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EuCheMS at European Commission Delegation to Chile
Following an invitation from the European Commission (EC) delegation, EuCheMS took part of the EC delegation to Chile on the topic of circular economy, a delegation led by Mr Daniel Calleja, the European Commission’s Director-General for Environment. Dr. Nicola Armaroli, Chair of EuCheMS Working Party on Chemistry and Energy, was EuCheMS´ representative at this mission…
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EuCheMS Provides Input to Preparation of Horizon 2020 Working Programme
EuCheMS has recently submitted its response to the stakeholder consultation on the R&I Strategy under Horizon 2020 for Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP). EuCheMS response to the consultation can be found in the link below. The aim of this consultation is to identify research priorities that will be taken in…
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European Environment Agency Scientific Committee Call for Experts
The Scientific Committee assists the European Environmental Agency (EEA) Management Board and the Executive Director in providing scientific advice and delivering professional opinion on any scientific matter in the areas of work undertaken by the Agency. The EEA Scientific Committee is composed of members of high scientific standing in one or more key areas of…
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European Parliament Approves New Rules to Attract Students and Researchers
The European Parliament approved new rules to attract new non-EU students and researchers to the EU, thus consolidating EU´s position as a global leader in research. After the publication of the directive, students and researchers will be able to stay at least nine months after finishing their studies or research in order to look for…
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European Cloud Initiative
Last month, the European Commission presented its blueprint for the new European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). By reinforcing and interconnecting existing research infrastructure, the Commission plans to create the EOSC, a tool which will make it easier for researchers and innovators to access and re-use data, and will reduce the cost of data storage and…
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Does the Dose Make the Poison?
A new European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) external scientific report contributes to the debate on non-monotonic dose response (NMDR) results from toxicity studies, according to Prof Anthony Hardy, Chair of EFSA’s Scientific Committee. The view “the dose makes the poison” used in conventional hazard assessment implies a consistent increase in effects along the dose range,…
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Report Provides Clues on How to Cut Emissions
A recent Joint Research Centre (JRC) report finds that fuels like liquefied natural gas (LNG) and methanol are the most promising alternatives to drive decarbonisation of the shipping sector and ultimately contribute to the fight against climate change. The report covers different alternative fuels, engine types and the introduction of alternative fuels. It reviews low…
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ERC Announces Advanced Grants to 277 Senior Researchers
The European Research Council (ERC) announced last month the awarding of its prestigious Advanced Grants to 277 senior researchers. The funding, worth in total €647 million, will enable them to pursue their most promising ideas and carry out frontier research with potentially ground - breaking impact on...
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Georgia Joins Horizon 2020
An agreement associating Georgia to Horizon 2020 was signed on the 29 of April. This agreement shows the commitment of the Union to develop the scientific and innovation capacity of its associated partners. It also represents another step towards reaching the EU goal of opening research and innovation to the world. Georgian research institutes, universities…
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

SMEs as Major Drivers of Pharmaceuticals
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published earlier this month a report emphasizing the importance of SMEs in pharmaceutical innovation and draws attention to the trends observed in the past ten years. “The report shows that EMA’s tools to support pharmaceutical innovation by SMEs, and in particular scientific advice, are being increasingly used,” explains Melanie…
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eLearning Tool for SMEs on Standardisation
An eLearning tool has been launched to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) learn about standardisation in a quick and easy way. The benefits of standards can be gained both from using them and from participating in the process of revising or developing them. However, SMEs often lack the human and financial resources to be…
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COSME Kicks Off in Greece: More than €125 million Available for SMEs
The fund will target companies with a strong international angle. By mobilising other investors, including funds from the private sector, this is expected to result in an overall investment of more than €125 million in Greek SMEs. The European Investment Fund investment benefits from EU support under the COSME programme, funded by the European Commission,…
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Leading Entrepreneurs Recognised at INNOVEIT 2016
INNOVEIT 2016 is a two-day innovation forum organised by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which this year gathered more than 350 entrepreneurs and innovators from across Europe. The three EIT Awards were presented, highlighting the most successful start-ups, the most innovative projects and the best young entrepreneurial talent in Europe. The prize…
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Consultations and Roadmaps

Public Consultation on the Draft Scientific Opinion Addressing the State of the Science on Risk Assessment of Plant Protection Products for In-Soil Organisms
The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has launched a public consultation on a Scientific Opinion of the EFSA Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues on addressing the state of the science on risk assessment of plant protection products for in-soil organisms. Taking into account new regulatory frameworks and scientific developments, the current risk…
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Consultation on Methylmercuric Chloride
Parties concerned are invited to comment on hazard classes open for public consultation. The indicated hazard classes were assessed and concluded by the dossier submitter in their proposal for harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) of the substance, and are indicated in the Substance Details table. The CLH public consultation lasts normally for 45 days (unless…
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Revised Roadmap - Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020
In line with the Better Regulation requirements, an online public stakeholder consultation on the Horizon 2020 interim evaluation will be launched in October 2016 and will run for three months. In addition, the European Commission will publish online stakeholder consultations on Article 185 and 187 evaluations. The interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 will cover all…
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