170110 ECP2017

1st European Chemistry Partnering

February 16th 2017, Frankfurt, Germany
9.00am until 7.00pm
IHK Frankfurt am Main (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)


Where tomorrow’s innovators meet

1st European Chemistry Partnering

Chemistry Start-ups are setting trends! A vitalized Chemistry Start-up scene is going from strength to strength. Still cautious, it is nevertheless gaining more and more momentum, from the cohesion of traditional black chemistry to new, impulse-giving green chemistry - across all disciplines and in all areas of our lives: chemistry, nutrition, mobility, energy, living, leisure, construction, textiles, consumer care and health.

Innovation Engine

The chemical industry is a cornerstone of our prosperity in Europe. It's no coincidence that chemistry is referred to as an “Innovation engine”. Impulses for innovation come from the established chemical industry of medium-sized and large market participants, from many user industries, from customers, from Universities and - increasingly - from newly founded enterprises and Start-ups.

Bringing together

The 1st European Chemistry Partnering invites all stakeholders, industry representatives, founders, entrepreneurs and investors to a rendezvous in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The aim is to bring together entrepreneurs, creative minds, visionaries, movers, decision-makers and financiers to engender dialogue and an ever-improving exchange with one another – across regional clusters and national boundaries.

The solution is: Get to know each other. Exchange views. Do business together!

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David Spichiger, SCS