180319 EuCheMS YearBook2017The 2017 edition of the EuCheMS Year Book is now online! The Year Book provides an insightful overview of the EuCheMS Professional Networks, policy initiatives, conferences, events and much, much more. 

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Welcome to the EuCheMS 2017 Yearbook!

> David Cole-Hamilton President, EuCheMS 

«It has been a great joy for me to serve as President of EuCheMS for the last 3 years and to meet so many fascinating, generous and highly motivated people.
When I was elected President-Elect in Budapest in 2013, I was warmly welcomed by the whole Executive Board and General Assembly, led by Ulrich Schubert (then President), Franco De Angelis (then Treasurer) and Nineta Hrastelj (Gen- eral Secretary). Since then I have visited many of you in your Member Societies, Divisions and Working Parties and have always been greeted with great affection and support. That is the real strength of EuCheMS. It is a community of chemists from 33 different countries all with different backgrounds, problems and personalities but with a shared commitment to improving chemistry and the lives of chemists in your countries and research areas. It has been a huge privilege to be able to work with you and I am certain that you will give the same warm welcome to Pilar Goya as she starts her term as President and to Eckart Rühl, who has already taken over as Treasurer. [...] »

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The Editors: Nineta Hrastelj, Marta Kucza, Alex Schiphorst


David Spichiger, SCS