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Explorer Seminars on May 14:

Data Visualisation with Dataviz Guru Alberto Cairo.

Blog Interview: https://community.jmp.com/t5/JMP-Blog/Alberto-Cairo-Why-a-picture-isn-t-necessarily-worth-a-thousand/ba-p/190124

Alberto Cairo knows that data visualization can be misleading. The responsibility to be understood lies with the designer of the graph, but also with the reader: "Visualizations are meant to be read -- not only to be seen." Learn how to create meaningful datavisualisations: 
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Best Practices for Building Quick and Useful Dashboards

A well-constructed dashboard can provide so much more than information visualisation—it can help scientists and engineers quickly sift through important information to make well-informed decisions on the spot.
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Explorers Seminars June 13:

Best Practices for Applying Design of Experiments with Quality by Design in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Guest lecture: Marcello Fidaleo of the University of Tuscia will introduce DOE as a tool for implementing QbD. Citing real-world case studies from the pharmaceutical industry, he will explore strategies for applying these methods in tandem to realise optimal benefit.
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Realising the Promise of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Industry 4.0 in Science and Engineering

What are the potential pitfalls of modern data analytics in Science and Engineering? Learn about the challenges and see real case studies on how data analytics is efficiently used:
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David Spichiger, SCS