iScienceSearch is targeted for the specific needs of a chemist. It covers only sources that are relevant for scientists, with a focus on chemistry. It searches websites and databases in real-time, thus eliminating the need for an index that needs to be maintained. That means, as soon as new/updated data are available in a given website, or database, you are able to find them.

1905822 iScienceSearch 1The start page provides a sophisticated chemical editor, full structure, substructure and similarity searches are supported. You also can search by identifiers like CAS Registry numbers, chemical names or free text. Irrespective if you start your search by structure or text such as a chemical name, we search in the background, related search terms that automatically get added to the search. For example, you do a text search for ‘maslinic acid’, we automatically extend the search by including the chemical structure, the CAS registry number, the IUPAC name and other well-known synonyms giving you results in sources that contain only the synonym such as ‘crategolic acid’. This feature of a chemical intelligent query extension is unique.

1905822 iScienceSearch 2iScienceSearch searches about 100 websites and databases. Classical search engines, such as Google, index websites and not databases, such missing many chemical data. Chemistry specific searches such as substructure or structure similarity searches are not possible in Google.

iScienceSearch results are always grouped by website. That means, if you find more than one hit in a given source for your search term, you only get one result link. The landing page of a result is equivalent of executing the search in the native source. The result page can easily be filtered, sorted and grouped by various criteria.

1905822 iScienceSearch 3A second tab will open the “Lab Equipment Search”. For instance, if you search for “electronic pipettes”, you will get a list of companies that provide such instruments. The advantage is that you get only one hit per company, even if the search term appears in many pages of the company. This means you see also suppliers that would never become visible in Google because they would appear not on the first pages.

iScienceSearch is free and no registration is needed. The iScienceSearch homepage is
A mobile friendly version is available using the link

If you are interested to make your website searchable via iScienceSearch, please contact us.

Open sourced based chemical compound registration system

Targeted to startups or small to medium sized companies, looking for an attractively priced system, that allows to register chemical structures and all the associated data in a relational database and make them easily searchable. The system is already used by several customers, and has proven its usability and stability.

Open sourced based (RDKit, PostgreSQL) - highly flexible data model, that allows to register batches, salts, inventory data, analytical data and assay data - user rights management - full audit trail of all database operations - supports both interactive and bulk registration - responsive Web User interface including free chemical drawing tool - support for sorting, filtering and grouping all of your data - flexible report management.

Cheminformatics consulting and solution provider

We work since almost 30 years, in the cheminformatics area, and have a proven record of being a capable and reliable solution provider.
Let us know your projects, and we are happy to discuss and deliver possible solutions. 

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