190722 SusSystemsChem CoverIt is with great pleasure that we announce the publication of the first issue of ChemPubSoC Europe’s newest title, ChemSystemsChem: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/25704206/current

Content of Volume 1, Issue 1-2, Pages: 1-31, July 2019


ChemSystemsChem: All Systems Go!
Dr. Greta Heydenrych, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Huck, Prof. Dr. Ludovic Jullien

Meet the Board

Systems Chemistry: Out of Equilibrium
Prof. Dr. Job Boekhoven


Unbiased Discovery of Dynamic Peptide‐ATP Complexes
Daniela Kroiss, Dr. James M. Aramini, Scott A. McPhee, Prof. Dr. Tell Tuttle, Prof. Dr. Rein V. Ulijn

Non‐Enzymatic Assembly of a Minimized RNA Polymerase Ribozyme
Dr. Falk Wachowius, Dr. Philipp Holliger

Full Papers

Rapid Stabilization of Droplets by Particles in Microfluidics: Role of Droplet Formation
Dr. Laura Andreina, Chacon Orellana, Prof. Jean‐Christophe Baret

Structurally Selective Assembly of a Specific Macrobicycle from a Dynamic Library of Pseudopeptidic Disulfides
Dr. María Lafuente, Dr. Ignacio Alfonso, Dr. Jordi Solà



David Spichiger, SCS
Haymo Ross, Wiley-VCH