Editorial Program 2020

Issue Publication
Topic, Guest Editor
1-2 26.02.20

Welcome to the One Electron World
M. Lachia, Syngenta

3 25.03.20

Environmental Sciences
K. Fenner, Eawag, V. Slaveykova, Uni Geneva, S. Höger, IES Ltd

4 29.04.20

Laureates Junior Prizes Fall Meeting 2019
H.P. Lüthi, ETH Zurich / SCS Foundation

5 27.05.20

Building Bridges between Biotechnology and Chemistry
H.-P. Meyer, HES-SO, R. Wohlgemuth, SKB

6 24.06.20

Non-Noble Metals in Catalysis
M. Albrecht, Uni Bern

7-8 12.08.20

SCS Major Awards / SCS Fall Meeting
A. De Mesmaeker, D. Spichiger, SCS

9 30.09.20

News from New Professors in Switzerland
E. P. Kündig, Uni Geneva

10 28.10.20

Start-ups in Switzerland
G. Koch, Topadur

11 25.11.20

Novel Tools in Catalysis
C. Nevado, Uni Zürich

12 23.12.20

R. Alberto, Uni Zürich, H. Gäggeler, PSI

Editor-in-Chief 2020

Prof. Emer. E. Peter Kündig, University of Geneva 

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