As an exhibitor at several SCS events Magritek wanted to present the Spinsolve Benchtop NMR instruments to the audience - paired with a discussion on the specific application fields of the customers. Due to the current virus situation all SCS events until end of August had to be postponed or shifted to the virtual room. Therefore we invite you to join our webinar.

For multiple applications Benchtop NMR can replace wet chemical methods, thus Spinsolve is representing an environmentally friendly analytical approach. As Spinsolve instruments only require electricity to run, no liquid nitrogen or liquid helium is needed. Because the Spinsolve works with an external lock system, many applications do not need (deuterated) solvents, but the samples can be measured without sample preparation as-is. Using Spinsolve Ultra instruments, aqueous solutions like for instance waste water, beverages or body fluids like urine can be investigated with only minimum impact of the solvent (water) peak and with the option to run solvent suppression techniques.

For all that Magritek would like to present this attractive green NMR technology with its related application areas by organizing a webinar. Using the following link customers can reach the webinar session: 

Magritek Webinar

This webinar service is available at any time. Magritek would appreciate a registration, but customers may also proceed to the webinar directly without providing any contact details.
Magritek would be very pleased if many customers could join the webinar and Magritek is looking forward to answering any question of the audience. Thank you in advance.

With best regards and stay healthy
Your Magritek Team in Aachen


David Spichiger, SCS