Topic of the issue: Peptide Chemistry in Switzerland
Guest Editor: Prof. Jean-Louis Reymond, University of Bern
Dr. T,. Vorherr, Novartis Pharma AG

Scientific Articles

Bachem - Insights into Innovative and Sustainable Peptide Chemistry and
Technology by the Leading Independent Manufacturer of TIDES
Sandip Jadhav, Wolfgang Seufert, Carolin Lechner and Ralph Schönleber

Flow-Based Methods in Chemical Peptide and Protein Synthesis
Kevin Schiefelbein, Nina Hartrampf

Applying Peptide and Protein Synthesis to Study Post-translational Modifications in
Epigenetics and Beyond
Kalyana Bharati Akondi, Marianne Paolini-Bertrand1 and Oliver Hartley

Therapeutic Peptides as Emerging Options to Restore Misguided Host Defence and
Homeostasis: From Teaching to Concept to Clinic
Oliver Schwardt, Christina Lamers, Clément Bechtler and Daniel Ricklin

Radiolabeled Peptides for Cancer Imaging and Therapy: From Bench-to-bedside
Rosalba Mans and Melpomeni Fani

Peptides in BioNMR Research
Oliver Zerbe, Christian Baumann, Matthias Schuster, Kerstin Moehle, Kathryn K. Oi, Erich Michel

Macrocycle Therapeutics to Treat Life-threatening Diseases
Gokhan Batur, Philipp Ermert, Johann Zimmermann, Daniel Obrecht

Towards the Development of Orally Available Peptide Therapeutics
Xu-Dong Konga and Christian Heinis

Passing the Barrier - How Computer Simulations Can Help to Understand and 
Improve the Passive Membrane Permeability of Cyclic Peptides
Stephanie M. Linker, Shuzhe Wang, Benjamin Ries, Thomas Stadelmann and Sereina Riniker

Important Considerations Related to Permeability of Peptides
Thomas E. Vorherr

Peptides – Molecular Allrounders
Helma Wennemers

Enhancing Metal-Binding with Noncanonical Coordinating Amino Acids
Luca Sauser and Michal S. Shoshan

Peptide Dendrimers: From Enzyme Models to Antimicrobials and Transfection
Jean-Louis Reymond

Peptides Technologies at Energypolis
Marc Mathieu and Origène Nyanguile

Uncovering Novel Peptide Chemistry from Bacterial Natural Products
Florian Hubrich, Alessandro Lotti, Thomas A. Scott and Jörn Piel



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