Every year, well-educated students from Switzerland and abroad graduate from Swiss universities and are about to start their careers. They represent an enormous value for the competitiveness and innovative strength of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

To use the full potential, access to the next generation of chemists of all professional backgrounds is a crucial factor. However, deficits are often identified at the interface between education and the profession.

At its meeting on May 20, 2021, the Board of scienceindustries, in cooperation with the Swiss Chemical Society (SCG), therefore decided to clarify the need for the creation of a network "Interface university education - career entry" among its member companies.

This network should involve representatives of the member companies, university career centers, student organizations, and study delegates from the universities. Its goal is to foster communication and cooperation between the participant groups and, whenever necessary, to make (educational) policy recommendations to the scienceindustries Board of Directors.

The network is to be constituted in the current year, provided that the need exists to a sufficient extent. As central topics we see the promotion of communication between students and companies, labor market transparency, corporate branding, talent acqusition and practical orientation as part of the studies.

scienceindustries started an evaluation among its members and will communicate the outcome in due time. SCS and the youngSCS will be stronlgy involved in the follow-up actions.

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Text and pictures: scienceindustries.ch, SCS

David Spichiger, SCS