The Council did not met in Montreal, Canada, but instead virtual on 5 Aug, and 13-15 Aug 2021. The following actions were taken.

1. Election of the Officers and Elected Members of the Bureau
On 1 January 2022, Professor Javier Garc a Martinez (Spain), Vice President and President-Elect of IUPAC, will become President for two years. Professor Ehud Keinan will be the new Vice President. Treasurer Colin Humphris (United Kingdom) will retire and Wolfram Koch (Germany) was elected by the Council for a fouryear term. Secretary General Richard Hartshorn (New Zealand) was re-elected by the Council in July 2019 for a four-year term and will continue his service for two more years. See details:

2. IUPAC 2027
Council voted for the site and dates of the 51st World Chemistry Congress and 54th General Assembly. The National Research Council (NRC), the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) and the Canadian National Committee for IUPAC (CNC-IUPAC) will host the 51st World Chemistry Congress and 54th General Assembly, 16-23 July 2027, in Montréal, Canada.
See details:

3. Other Motions voted on by Council

Céline Wittwer, SCS