On October 19, 2021 The Flow Chemistry Symposium took place at ILMAC Basel 2021 in the framework of the ILMAC Forum, organized by the Swiss Chemical Society. The symposium was also the inauguration event for the Flow Chemistry Network that provides a platform for academic and industrial scientists to develop and support initiatives in the field of continuous flow chemistry reactions and to showcase the potential of this promising approach for more sustainable industrial processes. Dr. Claudio Battilocchio, Syngenta Crop Protection as the chair of the network welcomed more than 100 interested participants on site and online. Seven invited lecturers and a roundtable discussion filled the program with interesting talks that showcased some of the great opportunities associated with this enabling technology, focusing on intensification and sustainability in chemical processes. 

The event functions as a pivotal event of the Swiss Flow Chemistry Network activities. With this annual event, the Network aims to bring together the great potential of flow chemistry and the entire vibrant community around it. 48 SCS members are currently connected to the Flow Chemistry Network. If you like to be involved into the network and be actively informed about their activities please login to your account on the scs website and click the flow chemistry checkbox.


Sponsors of the symposium:

Céline Wittwer, SCS