Last weekend, scienceindustries celebrated its 140th anniversary. The association has always been the voice for the chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. We represent the interests of our members and aspire to be a trustworthy dialogue partner for politics, the media and civil society.

Over the past two years, our members have played a vital role in mitigating the effects of the corona pandemic. With the war in Ukraine, society is currently facing completely different challenges with major humanitarian implications. Our companies are supporting the Federal Council's sanctions while trying to maintain supplies. In a first "Carte Blanche" guest article, author and Avenir Suisse director Peter Grünenfelder presents his view of the current situation.

In times of uncertainty, good domestic policy conditions are all the more important. Switzerland must preserve its opportunities and build on the foundations of its innovation and competitiveness. Opportunities lie with the current OECD tax reform as well as with the Horizon Europe research programme. It is also important to keep our health system efficient – please have a look at our position paper on this important topic.

The spring session of the Swiss parliament is coming to an end with important decisions: the National Council favoured an indirect counter-proposal to the glacier initiative – scienceindustries welcomes the Federal Council's counter-proposal with the net zero target 2050 for greenhouse gas emissions as a basic principle. Meanwhile, the Council of States has spoken out in favour of clear rules for innovative breeding methods in Switzerland. This offers opportunities for better products and more sustainable agriculture.
Innovation is and remains key to the success of our members and to solving the major societal challenges of the future. There is still a lot for scienceindustries to do in the next 140 years!

Best regards
Stephan Mumenthaler, Director of scienceindustries

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David Spichiger, SCS