IUPAC is setting up a "centenary endowment fund" and is looking for members of the respective board. The board will manage the fund from sponsor/donor allocation to evaluation and support of initiatives (see attached file) and will meet four times a year.
If you know any candidates to nominate for this mandate, please contact the Swiss member of IUPAC’s Finance Committee Urs Rüegg (). Please also address your questions to him.

The purpose of the Centenary Endowment Fund will be to finance IUPAC projects and activities in support of:

  • The establishment of IUPAC nomenclature and standards in the digital domain to enable advances in Big Data relevant to chemistry and chemistry related research and development,
  • IUPAC’s unique international role in the critical evaluation of chemical data and establishment of standards that will be necessary to underpin the achievement of Sustainable Development and the UN millennium goals,
  • Chemistry Education and Capacity Building in less developed countries to promote their economic development whilst helping to ensure the safe and environmentally sensitive application of chemical technologies in these countries.

The Centenary Endowment Fund will provide a mechanism through which Fund Donors can support and engage in IUPAC’s international work into its second century of existence.

The initial objective of the Fund is to provide endowment investment earnings of at least $100,000 per annum for IUPAC activities consistent with the Fund Mission, net of the operational costs of the fund, including those of the Centenary Endowment Board. The Fund will be self-financing.

More details:


David Spichiger, SCS