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What to expect in this issue:

Chemistry in Europe • 2022-2

Lisbon to host EuChemS annual meetings
EuChemS workshop on the Nitrogen Element

The ‘soft power’ role of science in international conflict

Joanneum – the versatile, wide range research institution of Graz
Focusing on metrology in food and nutrition domains in a European RI
Thessaloniki School of Chemistry experiments go to space

Members' Perspectives
Thirsty in Hungary – European Chemistry Thematic Network General Assembly and Annual Meetings
We are all proud of Katalin Karikó

Welcome in your new role at EuChemS!
Interview with Livia Simon Sarkadi, recipient of the 2021 EuChemS Award for Service

A look back at the 3rd European Young Chemists’ Meeting
German Chemical Society (GDCh) app
Automatic translation of all German Chemical Society’s websites

President's Column
Catching up!

Chemistry Talks
Chemistry Europe Fellows 2020/2021
Chemistry without the Born–Oppenheimer approximation




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