Helvetica and Chemistry Europe supported the Best Presentation Award Program and honored the a winner and two runners-up in the categories Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster Presentation.

Prof. Christian Bochet, President of the SCS (on the pictures) and Prof. Philippe Renaud, Chair of the Summer School, handed over the prizes at the closing session of the Summer School in Haute-Nendaz that took place from August 27-31, 2023

The SCS and the two sponsors like to congratulate all winners for their high qualtiy contributions.

Best Oral Presentation Awards

1st prize: Tanno A. Schmidt, University of Basel
«Catalyst Control over Threefold Stereogenicity: C–S Atropisomeric Sulfones»

Amal Lakhal, Sorbonne Université
«Diastereoselective Radical Cyclization Cascade of Ynamides Enabling Access to New Trifluoromethylated Tricyclic Structures»
Cedric Fung, EPFL Lausanne (not on the photo)
«Access to structurally diverse lignans»

Best Poster Presentation Awards

1st prize: Takuji Fujii, EPFL Lausanne (not on the photo)
«Oxidative [2+2] Annulation of Arylboronic acids and Alkenyl Amides Enabled by Pd(II)/(IV)-Redox Cycle»

Chao Fan, EPFL Lausanne
«Regiodivergent and Enantioselective Hydroalkylation of Sulfones»
Christeena Mathew, EPFL Lausanne
«Synthesis and Reactivity of a Terminal 1-Alkynyl Triazene»


David Spichiger, SCS