130927 FH-Award SchagaldianJustine Horner and Dr. Ennio Vanoli, EIA Fribourg, Prof. Patrick Shahgaldian, FHNW and Herr Christoph Gasser, FHNW were honored with the SCG-FH Award for their project in the field of 'Chemistry & Environment'.


Picture: Prof. Patrick Shahgaldian, FHNW takes
the award and the congratulations from
David Spichiger, Executive Director of the SCS.

The SCG-FH Awards are given for innovative joint-projects between Universities of Applied Sciences (FH) and their industrial partners. The award ceremony and the following lectures were held at the ILMAC Forum in Basel as part of the fair's forum program.

Winners of the SCS-FH Award in the category 'Chemistry & Environment'

  • Justine Horner , Dr. Ennio Vanoli, EIA Fribourg
    «Green Synthesis of mono and disubstituted Pyridine via Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution» 
  • Prof. Patrick Shahgaldian, FHNW
    «A synthetic nanomaterial for virus recognition produced by surface imprinting»
  • Herr Christoph Gasser, FHNW
    «Nanobiocatalytic depolymerization of lignin for the production of platform phenolic chemicals» 

On Wednesday, 25.09.13 the winners of the categories 'Molecules for Life Sciences' and on Thursday, 26.09.13 the winners of the category 'Analytics in the Life Sciences' were honored. All project are also shown at the shared stand of the SCG and the FH as part of the project exhibition.

SCS/FH Stand: Hall 1.1, Stand C84

130927 SCG-FH Award winners

from left:
Fabrice Galou, Ennio Vanoli, David Spichiger, Patrick Shagaldian, Christoph Gasser

David Spichiger, SCS