In 2010, the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) has launched the European Sustainable Chemistry Award (ESCA). This has been encouraged by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and supported by the European Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) and the European Chemical Industry Association (CEFIC).

Deadline for nominations of the 2014 award is March 31. 2014.

Forms and more information are available on the EuCheMS website.


The European Sustainable Chemistry Award is designed to:

  • recognise individuals or small research groups which make an outstanding contribution to sustainable development by applying green and sustainable chemistry;
  • promote innovation in chemistry and chemicals that will deliver clear improvements in the sustainable production and use of chemicals and chemical products;
  • demonstrate that chemistry and chemicals can play a central role in delivering society's needs, while minimizing and solving environmental problems.

Successful national green and sustainable chemistry award schemes have been in place for some years in several European countries and outside Europe and a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit points to the value of awards as demand side solutions as a key element in pushing the EU further up the global innovation rankings. The European Sustainable Chemistry Award is intended to be a prestigious scheme which will raise the profile of sustainable chemistry and be a spur to innovation and competitiveness.

Scientific focus

The Award covers innovations in the following scientific areas: 

  • the use of alternative synthetic pathways, that increase resource efficiency and selectivity e.g. with the help of catalysis or natural processes;
  • the use of alternative feedstocks which are safer and/or renewable e.g. based on biomass;
  • the use of alternative reactor design and reaction conditions, such as use of solvents which deliver health and environmental benefits, or increased yield and reduced waste and emissions;
  • the design and use of chemicals and chemical products that are, for example, less environmentally harmful than current alternatives, or inherently safer with regard to hazardous concerns.


The Award is open to individuals or teams of up to three persons. EuCheMS member societies, EuCheMS Divisions/Working Parties/EYCN and individuals (no self-nominations) are invited to submit nominations. The work cited in the nomination must have been carried out in an institution in a country where there is a EuCheMS member society.

An independent Evaluation Panel will be appointed to consider the nominations. A Steering Committee is overseeing the development of the nominations procedure.

David Spichiger, SCS