Dear Members of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology,

Summer is a wonderful time for enjoying sunshine and well-deserved holidays. It is also a good time to take care and rebuild relationships with family, friends and colleagues. In our scientific community, networking is a critical element for success and collaboration. The Fall Meeting of the SCS, on the 21st and 22nd of August, gives us the opportunity to do just that. We are looking forward to meeting you all, exchange new scientific results, and reinforce the network within our community. See you soon!

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Every second year, the DMCCB organizes the DMCCB Basel Symposium, a minisymposium gathering top-class speakers from industry and academia on a chemical biology, medicinal and/or agrochemistry topic. The next DMCCB Basel Symposium will take place in May 2018, and its organization has started already. To have this symposium as useful as possible for the largest number of members, we would like to ask you:

What should be the theme of the DMCCB Basel Symposium 2018?

  1. Novel chemical space and tools for chemical biology, medicinal and agrochemistry
  2. Allosteric enzyme inhibition or activation
  3. Molecular chaperones and misfolded protein-driven degenerative diseases
  4. Cell permeability and targeted drug delivery
  5. Metabolism in drug design and bioisosteres: Examples from medicinal and agrochemistry

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The results will be announced in our next Newsletter.

Announcement from the DMCCB

Icon VoteDMCCB Board elections: Jerôme Cassayre, representing agrochemistry, will leave the DMCCB board at the end of the year. We learned a lot from Jérôme: He contributed to increasing the awareness of the similarities between medicinal and agrochemistry, and helped bring both communities together. His successor will be elected on August 22, at the DMCCB session of the SCS Fall Meeting 2017. Interested candidates should contact Yves Auberson:

Upcoming Congresses and Symposia

Icon FallMeeting2017SCS Fall Meeting – Bern – August 21-22, 2017: This year’s largest annual scientific event held in Switzerland will be extended to one and a half days to better accommodate the one thousand participants, and to offer new platforms and a fantastic and diversified program with contributions from academia and industry in all fields of chemistry. Do not miss the DMCCB session, gathering over 70 scientific contributions and covering top Swiss medicinal chemistry and chemical biology research! As usual, the best academic talks and posters will be rewarded by attractive prizes from our sponsors.

Icon BioMedTransporters2017BioMedical Transporters 2017 – Olympic Museum, Lausanne – August 6-10, 2017: The 10th international BioMedical Transporters Conference will bring together a diverse, interdisciplinary group of attendees, comprising representatives from both academia (biology, pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, computational biology) and the pharmaceutical industry. It will help bundle expertise in the transporter/channel field, in order to ensure maximal benefit for human health with specific focus on the review of the scientific progress and therapeutic perspectives related to SLC solute carriers and store-operated calcium channels. This event is co-organised and supported by the NCCR TransCure.

InternaIcon ISCB2018tional Symposium on Chemical Biology 2018 – Campus Biotech, Geneva – January 10-12, 2018: This international meeting of high scientific caliber will bring together leading scientists to feature the latest advances within the broad field of Chemical Biology and foster an open and dynamic dialogue. The meeting is organized by the NCCR Chemical Biology. A joint NCCR Chemical Biology / LS2 satellite meeting is organized prior to the event for students and postdocs to enable young scientists to present their work in front of symposium’s plenary speakers.

Icon LS2 AnnualMeeting2018LS2 Annual Meeting 2018 – University of Lausanne – February 10-12, 2018: Save the date! Next year’s annual meeting of Life Science Switzerland (LS2) will include scientific symposia on: Molecular and Cellular Biosciences - Neurosciences - Virology/Proteomics  - Physiology - Systems Biology by SystemsX - Autophagy/Cell Death - Experimental Pharmacology - Bioinformatics - Physics of Biology - and special sessions focused on: Transdisciplinary Panel on CRISPR/Cas9 - PI’s of Tomorrow Postdoc contest - Careers in the Life Sciences Lunch Roundtables - Science Crowdfunding evening event.

News and upcoming events from the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC)

Icon EFMC ViennaEFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ASMC’17) Vienna, Austria – August 27-31, 2017: This symposium will  focus on the most recent advances in new synthetic methodologies, total synthesis, fluorination approaches, bioisosteres and building blocks, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and development that have led to new or improved methods for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.


Icon EFMC YMCS4th EFMC Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium (EFMC-YMCS 2017) – Vienna, Austria – August 31 - September 1, 2017: This short symposium has the aim of creating a network of young European investigators in Medicinal Chemistry. On this occasion, they will have the chance to share their scientific work with peers and inspiring leaders in the field. Competition and excellence in Medicinal Chemistry within Europe will be stimulated by selecting the European Champion in Medicinal Chemistry.

Did you know…

The DMCCB will start publishing a quarterly column in CHIMIA discussing new trends in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. DMCCB members that are interested to contribute to this column with a timely topic highlight are welcome to do so. Please check the next edition of CHIMIA for more information.