11th Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry 2014

11th Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry 2014

This five-day Medicinal Chemistry School, that is organized by the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology of the SCS, will focus on most modern aspects associated with small molecule drug discovery.

Start Date 12.10.2014 - 09:00
Event End 17.10.2014 - 17:00
Location Alpine Classic Hotel

Focus on most modern aspects associated with small molecule drug discovery, highlighting the relevance of hit generation, lead finding and lead optimization technologies.

Program, Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry 2014

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dr. Mark Murcko, Disruptive Biomedical, «Structure-Based Design in Drug Discovery»
  • Prof. Dr. Beat Ernst, Univ. of Basel, CH, «Glycomimetics»
  • Prof. Dr. Norbert Sewald, Univ. of Bielefeld, D, «Peptidomimetics»
  • Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Altmann, ETH Zürich, CH, «Natural Products»
  • Dr. Nils Jakob Hansen, Vipergen ApS, Copenhagen, DK, «DNA-encoded libraries»
  • Dr. Bart DeCorte, Entura, US, «Natural Products»
  • Dr. Daniel Obrecht, Polyphor, Allschwil, CH, «Protein-Protein Interactions»
  • Dr. Paul Brennan, SGC, Oxford, UK, «Epigenetics»
  • Dr. Gerhard Müller, Mercachem BV, Nijmegen, NL, «Kinases and Inhibitors»
  • Dr. Richard Sedrani, Novartis, Basel, CH, «Proteases»
  • Dr. Robert M. Owen, Neusentis/Pfizer, Cambridge, UK, «Ion Channels»
  • Dr. Jonathan Mason, Heptares Therapeutics Ltd., Hertfordshire,UK, «GPCRs in Structure Based Design»
  • Prof. Dr. David Swinney, iRND3, San Francisco, US, «Binding Kinetics»
  • Dr. Richard Morphy, Eli Lilly, UK, «Med Chem in CNS space»
  • Dr. Jens-Uwe Peters, Roche, Basel, CH, «Polypharmacology»
  • Prof. Dr. Hugo KubinyiHeidelberg, D, «Metabolism»
  • Dr. Dirk Ullmann,Evotec, München, D, «Biophysics»
  • Dr. Nicholas Meanwell, BMS, Princeton, US, «Bioisosteres»
  • Dr. Christoph Funk,Roche, Basel, CH, «Experimental ADME: Major DMPK Properties to Assess During Lead Optimization»
  • Dr. Juswinder Singh, Avila Therapeutics, «Irreversible inhibitors in medicinal chemistry»
  • Dr. Richard Chesworth, Epizyme Inc, Boston, US, «Epigenetic Enzyme Inhibitors»
  • Dr. Ray Finlay, AstraZeneca, UK, «Tackling Resistance Formation in Kinase Inhibitors»
  • Dr. Sven Ruf, Sanofi, Frankfurt, D, «Cathepsin A Inhibitors»
  • Dr. Peter Grootenhuis, Vertex, US, «Discovery and Development of Kalydeco for Cystis Fibrosis»