40 Years of Surface Science and Nanotechnology

40 Years of Surface Science and Nanotechnology

The 40 years of surface science and nanotechnology (40Nano) conference plans to address these new developments but will also highlight applications in other branches of surface science.

Start Date 15.10.2023 - 16:00
Event End 20.10.2023 - 15:00
Location Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF)
Str. Collina 84, 6612 Ascona, Switzerland

Surfaces are omnipresent and surface-related processes govern many aspects in our life. Chemical syntheses of basic products are performed on surfaces (heterogeneous catalysis) and contribute more than 30% of the world gross product. Friction, corrosion, biofouling, crystallization, atmosphere chemistry and semiconductor industry are other examples that involve surface processes. Consequently, the field of surface science has become an interdisciplinary research field.

40 years ago, the most powerful tool of surface science was invented at IBM Rüschlikon in Switzerland: the scanning tunneling microscope (STM). Moreover, the STM is considered as the “founding method of nanotechnology”. Since then, surface science and nanotechnology has evolved into many different directions, ranging from physics to medical applications. 

By including speakers from fields such as bionanotechnology, scanning probe technology, surface chemistry, quantum technology (experiment and theory), heterogeneous catalysis and molecular surface dynamics, the 40Nano conference will have a highly interdisciplinary character.

Local organizing committee
Karl-Heinz Ernst (chair), Empa & University of Zurich, CH
Christine Tran, Empa, CH