WebCheminar: Rising Stars in Organic Synthesis Part 2

WebCheminar: Rising Stars in Organic Synthesis Part 2

This WebChemiars is an online event presented by Science of Synthesis and Synlett

Start Date 22.06.2023 - 10:00
Event End 22.06.2023 - 12:00
Location Online Conference

In 2022, Science of Synthesis established its first Early Career Advisory Board (ECAB) to learn about the ideas and perspectives from some of the rising stars in organic chemistry. Over the past year, the ECAB has given us valuable support and we want to thank them by hosting some of them as speakers in this Thieme WebCheminar, chaired by SOS Editorial Board Member Shu-Li You (P. R. of China).

Here’s our speakers lineup:

  • Graham de Ruiter (Israel)
    «Breaking through Barriers in Catalysis via Bespoke Ligand Design»
  • Sarah Yunmi Lee (South Korea)
    «Stereodivergent Dual Catalytic Conjugate Additions»
  • Helena Lundberg (Sweden)
    «Electroreductive C-S bond cleavage in thioethers»
  • Rui Shang (Japan)
    «Iron-Catalyzed New Transformations and Their Applications for Electronic Materials»
  • Tianli Wang (P. R. of China)
    «Asymmetric Synthesis via Chiral Peptide-Phosphonium Salt Catalysis»
  • Qianghui Zhou (P. R. of China)
    «Asymmetric Palladium/Norbornene Cooperative Catalysis»

This Thieme WebCheminar is of particular interest to organic chemistry students, graduate students, and researchers in industry and academia. Sign up now to save your spot!

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