Prof. Alison Wendlandt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Selective Catalytic Isomerization Reactions


Start Date 16.05.2023 - 16:30
Event End 16.05.2023 - 17:30
Location University of Zurich, Department of Chemistry
Lecture Hall Y15-G-40

Selective isomerization reactions are valuable tools for the positional and stereochemical interconversion of functional groups. Catalytic isomerizations are frequently governed by thermodynamic control, enabling predictable access to product distributions defined by the stability of starting and product isomers, but limiting opportunities for tunable control. Here, we describe a mechanistic framework to achieve kinetically controlled, contra-thermodynamic isomerization reactions in diverse synthetic contexts. Our work explores how the strategic application of these reactions in a late stage setting can facilitate the construction of complex organic molecules.