14th Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry 2022

14<sup>th</sup> Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry 2022

This five-day Medicinal Chemistry School that is organized by the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology of the SCS will focus on most modern aspects associated with small molecule drug discovery.

Start Date 09.10.2022 - 18:00
Event End 14.10.2022 - 13:00
Location Alpine Classic Hotel

Focus on most modern aspects associated with small molecule drug discovery, highlighting the methodologies and technologies supporting hit generation, lead finding and lead optimization campaigns.


  • Dr. Andrew Mortlock, Vice President Oncology Projects and Alliances, AstraZeneca, «A broad spectrum of drug discovery opportunities in the field of oncology with associated medicinal chemistry strategies»
  • Dr. Nicholas A. Meanwell, Vice President at Bristol-Myers Squibb, «truly successful drug discovery campaign pursued at BMS that yielded in an innovative breakthrough medicine»
  • Dr. Andy Phillips, Chief Executive Officer and President, Aleksia Therapeutics, «the concept of ternary complex driven pharmacology, including targeted protein degradation with PROTACS and molecular glues»
  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Klebe, Universisty of Marburg and Prof. Dr. Peter Tonge, Stony Brook University, New York, «The detailed aspects of thermodynamics and kinetics involved in the process of molecular recognition, and aspects of target engagement and drug action»  



  • Dr. Gerhard Müller, Anavo Therapeutics
  • Prof. Dr. Beat Ernst, University of Basel