SCS Spring Meeting 2015: «The Chemistry of Complex Systems»

«The Chemistry of Complex Systems»
A symposium in collaboration with the National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCR).

Start Date 24.04.2015 - 09:30
Event End 24.04.2015 - 17:00
Location Universität Basel, Organische Chemie

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Stefan Matile, University of Geneva, «Unorthodox Reactions at Work»
Prof. David Leigh, University of Manchester, «Making the Tiniest Machines»
Prof. Itamar Willner, Jerusalem University, «Supramolecular Nucleic Acid Nanostructures: Complex Systems with Programmed Functionalities»
Prof. Jason Chin, Cambridge University, «Reprogramming the Genetic Code»
Prof. Roeland Nolte, Nijmegen University, «Controlling Molecular Complexity. Design of Bio-Inspired Catalysts and Materials»
Prof. Gilles Gasser, University of Zurich (CHE), «New Perspectives in the Use of Metal Complexes in Medicinal Chemistry»


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