Swiss Food Science Meeting 2023

Swiss Food Science Meeting 2023

The Swiss Food Science Meeting (SFSM) 2023 addresses the challenges brought along by the new and emerging trends in future foods and dietary supplements.

Start Date 28.06.2023 - 08:00
Event End 29.06.2023 - 17:00
Location Université de Neuchâtel

The global trends related to healthy and sustainable nutrition have been governing the food scene in the past decade and the seems to keep growing. New and novel foods are being developed with modern techniques and using new kinds of raw materials, which both can lead to the emergence of new questions to safety, stability, and nutritional value of the foods. Increased demand of plant-based protein products and vegan ingredients puts pressure into the food industry to valorize underutilized raw materials for food production, and finding ways to use them for delicious, nutritious and safe food products with optimized nutritious value without process-induced contaminants and antinutrients. In parallel, a wide range of dietary supplements are offered to the consumers to complement their diets to deliver nutrients or offer additional boost for wellbeing in the form of energy, vitality, and perseverance. These developments bring naturally along also new challenges to analytics and control.

SFSM2023 offers an exciting scientific program that combines food chemistry, modern analytics, toxicology and safety assessment, and regulatory aspects. In addition to the talks from invited keynote spakers, we offer the possibility for participants to contribute to the program by oral and poster presentations. The contributed presentations can be thematically related to the topic of the meeting, but we warmly invite also contribute presentations to the broader topic of food science, food chemistry and food analytics.

In parallel to absorbing the newest thematic updates, there will be plenty of opportunities to broaden the professional network with building new connections and meeting with colleagues and friends from the food chemistry community. You will surely not wish to miss the opportunity to join the legendary beer bar by the lake with inspiring chat with colleagues.

The organizing committee invites you to join the event and looks forward to your contributions to the high quality scientific program!

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