WebCheminar: Modern Nickel-Catalyzed Reactions

WebCheminar: Modern Nickel-Catalyzed Reactions

This WebChemiars is an online event presented by SYNLETT, Thieme Chemistry.

Start Date 23.03.2023 - 15:00
Event End 23.03.2023 - 17:00
Location Online Conference

Due to its relatively abundant and inexpensive nature, nickel has been of high interest as transition metal for homogeneous catalysis in the field of organic synthesis. In this Thieme WebCheminar, chaired by SYNLETT Editor Rubén Martín (ICIQ, Spain), our speakers Cristina Nevado (Switzerland), Mark Stradiotto (Canada) and Shaolin Zhu (P. R. of China) will present insights into the research developments in their respective focus areas. 

Our speakers:

  • Cristina NevadoUniversity of Zurich, Switzerland
    «Breaking the Symmetry in Nickel Catalysis»
  • Mark Stradiotto, Dalhousie University, Canada
    «Unplugged' Nickel-Catalyzed C–N and C–O Cross-Couplings: DalPhos Ligand Design and Mechanistic Insights»
  • Shaolin Zhu, Nanjing University, P. R. of China
    «NiH-Catalyzed Functionalization of Remote and Proximal Olefins»

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