Dear EuCheMS Member,

I have just taken over as President of EuCheMS from Ulrich Schubert who did a great job in expanding the Secretariat, moving it to a fine location nearer the premises of the European Institutions, designing a new constitution, which has just been signed into law and developing strong links with the European Parliament and Commission through Nineta H. Majcen, EuCheMS General Secretary.

Ulrich will surely be a very hard act to follow, but I am determined to continue to build the influence of EuCheMS as the independent voice for chemistry in Europe.

I also want to work closely with the EuCheMS Divisions/Working Parties to build a strong network that can act proactively and respond nimbly and authoritatively to requests from the Parliament and Commission, and that will continue to strengthen their excellent conferences and other activities.

The European Chemistry Congresses have got off to a very good start, but I plan to make them a must for all chemists in Europe and a reference to the world of chemistry. The next ones are in Seville, 201 6, and Liverpool, 201 8. I very much look forward to welcoming you at these Congresses.

I hope that EuCheMS will be able to celebrate European chemistry with a series of prestigious European prizes both across the EuCheMS Divisions/Working Parties and from the EuCheMS as a whole. The European Sustainable Chemistry Award has already become a beacon for environmental friendly European Chemistry research.

With the help of every one of you, I am certain that we can make EuCheMS the voice to be heard for all matters to do with chemistry in Europe.

Please see below to see what EuCheMS does for you and what YOU can do for EuCheMS.

Please join me on this very exciting journey by signing up here.

151205 portrait cole-hamilton2With all good wishes,
David Cole-Hamilton
EuCheMS President





“Europe should be a chemical-free zone”

Ifyouwant to change this common unscientificmisconception, then EuCheMSis forYOU!

What EuCheMS does for YOU

  • Acts as a single independent voice for Chemistry in Europe
  • Advices the European Parliament and Commission on chemistry topics
  • Promotes excellence in European research via continuous collaboration with the European Research Council
  • Ensures that chemistry is well represented in European projects
  • Responds to a variety of consultations from the European institutions on chemistry topics, such as water, phosphorus, mercury
  • Runs the biennial European Chemistry Congress
  • Has Divisions and Working Parties which run biennial conferences and summer schools in most areas of chemistry as well as other activities
  • Has an extremely active and effective Young Chemists Network (EYCN)
  • Awards a range of European prizes and lectureships for Chemistry
  • Together with the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association (ECTN),
  • promotes high quality teaching of chemistry in European universities

What YOU can do for EuCheMS

  • Get involved with a EuCheMS Division or Working Party
  • Get involved in the European Young Chemists’ Network
  • Be prepared to offer expert advice when needed, such as for public consultations
  • Promote EuCheMS and the role of chemistry whenever appropriate
  • Share with us what is relevant for you

Join us in co-creating The Voice for Chemistry in Europe via on-line request at